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A Decentralized Exchange for SingularDTV’s Entertainment Economy

SingularX is a decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange built on the Ethereum Blockchain.


You don’t have to trust the exchange operator to hold your funds.


When you trade, you trade directly with your counterparty.

Feature Functions


The key feature of SingularX is that your funds are held in a smart contract in such a way that you and only you can withdraw or trade with them. At no time does SingularX have any control over your funds.


Any Ethereum-based token can be traded, even if SingularX doesn’t officially list it. Just import the token and start trading.


SingularX lets you customize your own interface from a selection of modules. You can pick the modules that are important to you and set up your own dashboard. Just like a Bloomberg terminal, you can set your trading desktop just how you want.

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